Life-Changing Book From Dan Kuschell Reveals...

“How To Become A Champion In ANY Field
(By Doing Just This One ‘Crazy’ Thing)..."

From: The Desk Of Dan Kuschell

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur, 

This is not a book for everyone.

In Fact: Given the statistics, this book is probably NOT for about 87% of people on the planet. 

Ok, so...if we do the math, that leaves about 13% of the population this book IS right for. 

Now Here’s The Big Question: Are you in the 87%, or the 13%? 

First of all, you WANT to be in the 13%. Believe me. 
Because those are the people who are going to achieve amazing things in their lives. Those are the ones who have what it takes to be a Champion, who will be remembered for what they accomplished in their time. 

So, which are you? 

Are you in the 13%? Are you a high achiever? Do you have the makings of a true Champion?

Or, like the other 87%, are you destined to be ‘average?’ the rest of your life?

We’re going to find out, in about 2 minutes, right here and now. 

But First... Please Read This:
Deciding to change something in your life - whether it’s your health, your financial outlook, or your relationships - is hard.

We’re not going to pretend otherwise here.

ANYONE who raises their hand and says “I’m not satisfied with where I am or who I am. I want to make a change. I want more out of life,” is actually outstandingly ambitious, and incredibly BRAVE. 

Most people will not do this. 

Even anyone that had the guts to read something like this letter has an unusual amount of courage...far beyond what ‘ordinary’ people have.
And here’s why. 

Because in order to step up and accomplish more in your be more than you are go after the Big Dream you’ve always wanted…

You have to admit something. 

You have to admit that you’re NOT where you want to be. You have to admit that you DON’T yet have everything you want in life. And, perhaps hardest of all…

You have to admit that you’re not (at least in some ways) WHO you want to be. 

Most people will run the other way as fast as they can, before even beginning to entertain such thoughts! 

So guess what. 

Simply by reading this letter, you are signalling that you’re most definitely not in the lower 27%, and you are already in the upper 73%. 


We still need to determine if you’re capable of moving from the next level (which comprises the next 60%of people who STILL aren’t quite cut out to be Champions)...

And into that magical top 13%, who are. Do you want to know where you stand? 

Here’s The Test Of Champions.

Now, before you take the test, I have an admission to make…
Before I learned the secret in this book, and long before I wrote the book…

I wasn’t a Champion. 

I wasn’t in the magical 13%. 

In fact, I wasn’t really even in the middle 60%...

Truth be told, if I had evaluated myself with the following test, I would have put myself squarely in the bracket somewhere between the bottom 27% and the middle %60. 

Needless to say, at that point, I hadn’t accomplished anything I have today. 

I wasn’t terribly proud of who I was (more details in a moment). 

But all that changed for me. 

Very fast. 

I didn’t stay there. 

And in “not staying there,” I ended up accomplishing some outstanding things (which I’ll explain later), and creating and living an amazing life that most people would only dream of. So...

Here’s why I’m telling you this. 

Because no matter where you see yourself when you take the following quick test…

No matter who you believe yourself to be right now…

It can all change. Very fast. 

And the truth is, that is exactly why I wrote this book. 

Because this book can help take you from wherever you are that “golden 13%” - the top echelon of achievers in this world, who not only are destined to be Champions...

But who will inspire others to become Champions in their own right (which I believe is one of the highest and noblest of callings ever). 

NOW. With that said…

Let’s Take The Test. 

Please mentally “check off” which group you most strongly identify with right now.

(Keep in mind, I say “right now” because, as I said, there is no reason you have to stay in the category you’re in for the rest of your life. There is always room for growth and change). 

HOWEVER: if you never identify where you are at now, you will never know how to get to where you want to be. 

So please check the group you relate to now: 
  • Group 1: These individuals are ‘professional critics.’ They are great skeptics, and very good at finding fault in others and in what others see as ‘opportunities.’ They do not invest in themselves financially. They tend to brag about their accomplishments, even though (at heart) they feel they are failures. They have a tendency to look at all the reasons why something probably won’t work, and are highly resistant to change. 
  • Group 2: This group represents the most popular way of thinking. A key characteristic of this group is the quality of always being motivated by others. These individuals influenced by their environment – when things are good they are good; when things are bad they are bad. Typically this group is very self critical of themselves. They tend to get motivated only if someone inspiring is around, otherwise they let things lie. These individuals are very "cautious" in everything they do, second-guessing almost all of the decisions they make. They do not like criticism. They find change uncomfortable.
  • This group likes to be a part of something. When moved in the right direction they can become very successful. These individuals question the motives of those they come in contact with. They are very good at support and maintenance of situations. They like to hit goals that others set for them, but don’t usually set goals for themselves to hit. 
  • Group 3: This group is definitely one that makes things happen. They have a high energy level. They have high self-esteem. They have goals and are accomplishing them consistently.
  • Typically good communicators, these individuals are good leaders. They are in pursuit of getting better through continued education in personal development, which may include reading, cassettes, and attending seminars.
  • They take action with what they learn. They are generally try to find someone more successful to learn from. They accept criticism openly. They invest in themselves often, and look forward to solving problems (challenges). 
  • Group 4: This group is known for creating opportunities for others. They are also great at inspiring others to become more. They are outgoing, and have an endless level of energy. They accept criticism openly. They are open to new ideas and change. They produce more in an hour in many cases than most do in a day. They are very results oriented. They are great communicators, they love people, but are also very humble.
  • These people often create teams. They never see problems as problems only as opportunities to learn, grow, and advance. They respond to situations. They love to give away the credit for their success to others. They are active in their community, have a wide social circle and are very persuasive - tending to be great captains, coaches and mentors. 

So where do you fall currently on the spectrum? It can be eye-opening to look at this honestly. 

When I first took this test, many years ago, I had to admit I was a borderline: 27% and 60%. Thank goodness someone important in my life said," Dan, you can change." 

It doesn't matter where you're at today; it matters where you want to go. 

So, again, do the evaluation above honestly. Pick the category that is most suitable of your current characteristics. 

And now, read the rest of this letter as if your life depended on it. Because (at least in terms of quality of life) it probably does

What “A Champion In The Making” Is About

First and foremost, A Champion In The Making is 

Because while I talk about my own story in parts of the book, the true “main character” the title refers to is you! YOU are the protagonist of the story, and YOUR journey is the one the main ‘plot’ is all about. 

Getting you from ‘main character’ to ‘champion’ in 130 pages is the whole point!

With that said, here’s just a couple reasons y0u should get this book and read it as soon as humanly possible, if you’re in the midst of trying to uplevel your life or improve your business (or know somebody who is)... 
  • It’s a quick read. At just 130 pages, you can sit down and devour it in an afternoon (or one chapter at a time on breaks). Think your average “Choose Your Own Adventure”™ book - and that’s how big it is!
  • It’s not just theory. These are practical, hands on things you can do to go from where you are now to where you want to be - including practical step-by-step exercises. You can implement these ideas NOW just by doing the simple task assigned at the end of each chapter. 
  • The Perfect Combination: Most self-improvement books either focus on theory, stories, or practical advice. This one does ALL THREE, and each chapter does it in the perfect order to initiate change: Theory, Story, Practical Exercise. This leaves nothing to chance. You practically HAVE to make a positive change, if you read it! 
  • ​Name Your Own Price: I’m so confident this is exactly the thing you need right now, I’m going to remove every possible barrier to you getting your hands on it - by letting you name your own price! (Read on for details)
I’ll be honest: reason #3 alone is priceless to you at this stage of the game. 


Are You Ready To Become A Champion? 

Here's a quick taste of just some of the insights and inspiration you’ll find inside this book:
  • What to do if you feel like you’re failing at your current endeavor (hint: it has nothing to do with positive affirmations)...Chapter 7
  • ​The secrets of true champions that you will never learn in school (in fact, you’ve probably been actively discouraged from having some of these qualities)...Chapter 19
  • ​The shortest distance to success in any field - and how to determine what yours is...Chapter 11
  • ​What “Infinite Intelligence” is, and how to access and cultivate it so you are never at a loss for what to do next...Chapter 35
  • ​How to become a Champion in your everyday life (and why this is the true secret to accomplishing anything you want to on the larger “World Stage” - as proven by multiple now-famous celebrities)...Chapter 01
And that’s just on the “Theory” and “Inspiration” side of things. 

What About The Exact, Practical Things You Need To Do To Become A Champion In Your Own Life? 

Here’s a taste of some of the practical “to-dos” you’ll be assigned (so you can avoid getting stuck in the thinking phase, and move on to the DOING phase)...
  • How To: Identify the qualities you now possess that are most likely to help you succeed in the future...Chapter 4
  • ​How To: Do one thing for 30 days that will set you apart from everyone else and practically guarantee you will attain what you want in life...Chapter 9
  • How To: Defeat the one thing that is holding you back (you can’t say it isn’t, because if it weren’t, you’d be where you want to be right now)...Chapter 11 
  • ​The Four (4) Questions champions ask themselves when faced with a challenging situation - that allows them to persevere and conquer...Chapter 12 
  • ​How To: Find out if you’re “self-employable” ...and the one thing that sets winners apart from those who struggle year after year but never truly make it...Chapter 14 
  • ​A 7-Step Formula that can insulate you from the certain “path of failure” most people follow when they commit to making a permanent change...Chapter 15
So listen...

If You Only Paid Attention To Just TWO Of These Tips...

Imagine how much discouragement, failure, and wasted time it could save you! 

For example…

If you ONLY learned how to defeat the one thing that is holding you back…

Or the ONE THING you can do for the next 30 days that will practically guarantee your success…

Would that be worth 15 minutes of reading time this afternoon? 

Well, yes. 

But you’re going to learn how to use not just two, but TWENTY THREE secrets to your advantage! 

And that's not everything...

You'll also get surprising and startling tips on how to make yourself, and your life, stand out and follow the course of Champions, like ...

Why The Little Boy Made His Dad Promise To Come Back

Inside just one of the powerful stories in this book, you’ll read about a little boy (7 years old) who asked his Dad a strange question when he dropped him off at school one day. 

Here’s how the story begins…
A young man was taking his son to school. He had done so for weeks. It was very important to the father to do this for his son because his dad hadn’t always been around. On this particular morning the father and the son were on the way to school. 

At the entrance the son turned to his papa and said, “Papa. Are you going to pick me up from school today?" The father replied, “Yes son. I'll definitely be here as usual. Have a good day son." The boy replied, “OK daddy. See you." 

The 7 year old started into the line where his friends were, his father watching him. Suddenly he turned around towards his daddy and came running back. 

He looked up into his daddy's eyes intently and said, “Daddy. Are you sure you'll be here to pick me up?" The dad replied, “Absolutely son. I've picked you up everyday. I wouldn't miss it. I'll be here. I love you. Have a good day, ok?” 

His son looked up, “OK. Have a good day." He took another step and then turned back around, his father still standing there and reached around his daddy's legs like little boys do. He asked again, “Daddy. Are you sure you'll be here?" 

When you read the rest of this story, you’ll discover why the boy was so intent on asking his father to return no matter what...and what happened 15 minutes after the Dad drove away from the school, which tested his resolve and his promise. 

This is a completely true story, and it will change how you think about commitment and what it means forever, after you read it (I can guarantee you). 

Now. Let me ask you...

If your child asked YOU if you would return to school to get them no matter what, and then something happened that shook your world to the core...would you keep your commitment to them? 

I’m just taking a wild guess here - but, you probably would. Right?

This is the kind of commitment you will be asked to uphold if you really want to be a Champion. 

(You’ll find out exactly why this is at the top of page 58.)

Okay...I expect at this point you can probably see how…

This Is The Very Book You Need To Read Right Now

So that you can break out of the ‘same-old, same-old’ rut you’re in, and step into the shoes you were meant to fill from the day you were born - THE SHOES OF A CHAMPION.

This book will show you exactly how to get there. 

However that’s not all you’re going to benefit from when you own a copy. You will also be getting my special appendix…

BONUS CHAPTER: A 10 Step Process For Creating Your Life Vision - And A Clear Set Of Daily Exercises To Help You Achieve It!

This is the thing that will set the “browsers and readers” apart from the eventual True Champions (the doers)!

Because, as we all know... it’s easy to READ about changing your life.

But really making a change, making a difference, and seeing the results is a completely different proposition, right? 

It’s ACTION that sets the readers apart from the doers. 

This is why Appendix A exists. 

Appendix A is a bonus “chapter” which is probably the most important chapter in the book. 

I’ve included it because I want to see you succeed, not just dream about succeeding. 

Here’s how it works. 

I’m Including This Powerful Set Of Two Appendixes So You Can Really Get These Changes In Motion And Set Your Path On Course To Become A Champion...TODAY!

If you turn to page 83 in your book (after it’s delivered) you will discover a 10-part, step-by-step exercise to help you discover, delineate, and clarify your future Life Vision…

Because, just like setting a destination on a GPS, if you don’t know exactly where you’re going, you’re never likely to ever get there, correct? 

And then - right afterwards, I’m going to give you a complete set of Daily Exercises you can do, to make sure you actually go after and HIT that Life Vision, A-to-Z. 

Plus, a way to “journal” and keep track of whether you’re actually getting there, and “staying on track” day to day. 

So you see, this really isn’t just another “self-improvement” theory book with no meat and no real way to complete the process. 

Going through this process will let you quickly and easily clarify your purpose, then know exactly what you need to do to fulfill on that you can go from “challenged” to “champion,” starting now!

Trust me - this isn’t something you want to leave till later - when it’s too late to make a difference in your life.

You want to do it today.

So Here's What You Should Do Now

You can download my entire book (including the bonus Action Appendix and the set of exercises I just told you about) for THE PRICE THAT WORKS FOR YOU right now, and you’ll get it instantly to put on your desktop. 

Ok, wait - I think I hear you saying, “What???...You mean...any price I choose?” 

Yes. And here’s why. 

The reason I can give this life-changing book to you at whatever price you consider worthwhile right now (for real) is that I don’t actually need to make money selling books right now...  

But I do believe that the world works on “value exchanged for value” (I’m not a head-in-the-clouds dreamer)...AND I also believe that people only really put work into things they are invested in. So...

Don’t get me wrong - I still have to pay all my merchant and processing fees, plus advertising costs (I would be a bad business coach if I didn’t do that!) BUT -I want you to have this book.

I most likely won’t even make a profit on it, but I don’t actually care about that. 

I make enough with my other, “high-end” programs I don’t need to count pennies ;-) 

But I DO want you to have a copy to read as soon as humanly possible - and this way you get the book immediately, rather than having to wait another day. 

So if you can take about 60 seconds to name your price and place your order today, I’ll shoot you over an email receipt along with a link so you can download it now.

At that point you can just hit “save to desktop” and open it up and start reading it whenever you’ve got a few minutes. 

I promise you those few minutes will be well spent!

This Is NOT A Clever “Trick” To Drop You Into Continuity Or Some Such Nonsense

I’m NOT going to use this book to lock you into some subscription plan, enroll you in continuity, tack on any hidden fees, or what have you.

This is a great book. You need it. Period. End of story :-)

I'm sending you this book (really a practical tool for changing your life) at whatever price you name today, as a means of helping you out now

In hopes that you will be wildly successful, climb that mountain, achieve your wildest dreams, and even break through that glass ceiling on your income right now...and maybe, we might be able to work together in the future. 

Honestly, I’m not really interested in working with you personally right now (and can’t) until you’ve reached a certain level of coaching programs are too time-intensive for that! ;-)


This allows me to give you a good running start, in hopes that one day you’ll come to me and say, “Hey Dan, remember that book? It made a huge difference. My life has really taken off, and my prospects soared this year. Now what?” 

And then, we’ll talk. 

Maybe you’ll be ready for my next level programs, maybe you’ll want to benefit from personal coaching with the meantime, YOU are just at the beginning of a new world of possibility...where you are the boss, the director, the producer, and the champion of your own “real life movie.”  

Because you, my friend, are a real Champion in the Making.

That’s the whole reason I made this book in the first place. 

However, I do need to impress one thing upon you now:

You Do Need To Act Quickly 

Here’s the thing. 

I JUST decided to try putting this book out there at “name your own price,” as an experiment to see what happens. 

It may end up being a good idea for me to offer this option...or it may not :-)  

I’m not sure yet. 

If it DOES make sense, then I’ll keep it up here for a little while. 

But if it DOESN’T, I certainly can’t go any I’ll have to go higher


If you have even an inkling this could help you right now - please grab a copy while you can today, while I’m in “testing mode.”

The good thing is - even though you're getting this for a steal while I’m running my test - I will STILL give you…

A Ridiculously Good Guarantee

So, I personally think you’re going to LOVE this book and devour it like wildfire the moment you get it. However.

If, for any reason after you’ve given it a good read, you think it wasn’t worth whatever price you decide to pay for it today, I promise you can email me for a refund and I’ll give you back every penny...

In fact, I’ll even let you keep the book, just for your trouble! 

How's that for impossible to refuse? 

This Is Really A One-Time Temporary Test, So Please Grab Your Book Now While This Webpage Is Still Up:

I’m so glad you found this letter today and I look forward to hearing how this changes things for you in the next few weeks and months!

(Really. I want you to write to me and tell me all about it. I LOVE testimonials :-)

 ~Dan Kuschell
P.S. In a hurry? Here’s the basic deal just quickly so you don’t miss out:
  • You get this 130 page book (which is more like having a lifetime mentor in your pocket and at your fingertips). It’s especially for those who self-identify as being “Champion Material”…if you don’t know what I mean, scroll back up and take “The Test.” 
  • This book includes secrets, tips and techniques I only WISH I’d known back when I was just getting started, to avoid the mistakes that YOU don’t need to make! It also includes practical exercises and to-dos throughout. 
  • I’m putting it out there for at an experimental “name your own price” test right now, but it may end up changing (as in going up) at any time.
Not only will you be able to download the book and start reading it immediately once you press this button: 
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ALSO - whatever price you name is it. There’s no “free trials” no “ongoing membership” or anything else like that involved. Just the book and the good stuff you’ll get out of it. 

 As a matter of fact I’ll even give you “whatever your paid” BACK - if you don’t think this short book is worth it for any reason, once you get a chance to look through it! 

That’s about it. 

So - it’s simple. 

You’ll be very happy you did! 

 - D.K. 

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Sound good? Here it is

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I’m doing this for two reasons. 

One, because I’m so sure you’ll derive a TON of value from my book, I’m quite sure you’ll then want to keep going and work with us more - and I want to help you get into my higher level programs ASAP. 

And Two, because I REALLY want you to read this book before you do anything else in your life or make any more crucial decisions in your business that will impact your income this year. 

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